Here's a little about me

The Social Media Artist

Hi there, I’m Lara!

If it has anything to do with marketing your art in an effective + genuine way, I can help!

Each day I check out my social media networks and am excited by the amount of beautiful work that grace my timeline, by you – artists & creative business owners! Seriously, it’s like an art gallery over here! Often times I wonder why I haven’t seen more of your creative work and why you aren’t using social media effectively to promote yourself. Here’s where I come in. I help artists and creative businesses market themselves online in a quick and easy way that doesn’t feel slimey. I teach you how to sell your art, without selling out.


Think of me as your No.1 Supporter

My passion is to help creatives navigate the digital landscape. I work with artists and creative entrepreneurs who are ready to up their social media game, one social media post at a time.

After spending over 8 years  studying, working and teaching social media marketing I started The Social Media Artist to help artists get on their social media game so they have time to do what they do best – creating!


Here’s what I do best:

  • Social Media 90%
  • Artist Brand Strategy 80%
  • Internet Marketing 75%
  • Public Speaking 80%

And in case you were curious about non-business Lara

I’m a city-dweller residing in sometimes sunny, sometimes chilly Toronto, Canada. When I’m not working with artists and creative business owners you can find me in a dance class, catching a show or cozying up to a warm cup of tea.

I studied Information Technology Management at Ryerson University while being heavily involved in the Toronto comedy scene performing improv and sketch almost nightly. From there I realized how actors struggled with keeping up with their art while promoting their shows. I so wanted that to change. After graduation I worked in the digital advertising industry for several years focusing on social media. I managed over 100 campaigns ranging from small business to large corporations across a variety of industries. Combining my industry skills, passion for the arts and “techie” side I started The Social Media Artist. Now I’m helping creatives through one on one consulting, social media management, teaching and training.

Here are some things you probably didn’t know about me:


  1. I’m a musical theatre performer, my dream role is Penny Pingleton in Hairspray!
  2. At the age of 10 I wanted to be an archeologist. Until I realized it involves being comfortable being around bugs and critters – yikes!
  3. I eat a LARGE breakfast. I’m talking omelette, a green smoothie + a kiwi! But my greatest weakness is chocolate chip cookies.
  4. I was in an all female comedy group called KERL while completing my university degree.
  5. I build computers once in a while – it’s like Lego but for big kids!

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