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Lara Harb

Social Media Strategist

Hey, I'm Lara!

I’m a digital storyteller passionate about helping artists and creative businesses tell their story online in a fun yet strategic way. I help creatives stand out, captivate their audiences and monetize their authentic brands online. When it comes to knowing what is working on social media, I’ll show you how to stand out online and create a business that’s true to yourself. 

Your Story: How I Help You CRUSH It Using Social Media

Creating a social media strategy that works for your brand and that is aligned with your goals

Creating a content calendar with custom graphics that showcases your brand.

Goal setting and reporting on metrics that make sense for your business.

Community management and providing top customer service by keeping your prospects happy and engaged.

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5 of The Best Social Media Sites for Musicians

As all things slowly start to hop aboard the digital train, music promotion has already boarded and is finding its seat. Music streaming and digital sales are edging out physical merchandising and advertising more and more each day, and having an online presence for...

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5 Biggest Artist Marketing Myths

Showcasing your art on social media for the first time can definitely seem a little overwhelming, especially when there are so many myths surrounding artist marketing that paint it in a bad light. But we're here today to debunk those myths and let you know why...

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